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Dryer Vent Cleaning
Dryer vents over time can accumulate large amounts of lint and with this accumulation a fire hazard may become present. Additionally, many homes have vent covers or flexible lines that often become clogged with lint and become both a danger to your family and home as well as to the dryer components due to burnout from a lack of ventilation.
Signs That Your Dryer Vent Needs To Be Cleaned:
  • Your clothes are not drying properly in one cycle.
  • Your dryer is producing a burning smell.
  • You do not feel air flow from the dryer vent when dryer is running.
  • Water can eventially leak from the dryer hose due to build up.
  • Your dryer may be giving you error messages regarding Air Flow or Vent Warnings.

Actual cleaning in 2016

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Actual Dryer Vent after just being cleaned.

The lint that came out of this same dryer vent line, only 6 feet long!

Believe it or not but everything from dog bones to toothpicks have been removed out of a dryer vent line on a regular basis.

Some dryer vent lines have very long runs and need to be regularly maintained annually. Others cause occasional problems from lint back up and require less maintenance. Every vent is unique and can have different issues depending upon its location, installation, and venting direction and outlet cover.

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